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  1. Budget – Define the parameters of the budget you need to work within. 
  2. Land Acquisition – Once a budget has been established, purchase land which will allow you to construct the size and style of home you wish to build.  I am available to visit sites with you to ensure the site size and topography is conducive to the home you wish to build.
  3. Design –  The next step would be to Design the home.  Troy Martin Building and Design LLC offers complete computer generated design services.  With predetermined wants and needs set forth by the customer we are able to develop preliminary design ideas for your review.  With the completion of preliminary design, complete architectural drawing are available.  However, we can build from plans developed by other designers/architects as well.
  4. Specifications – Upon completion of the design drawings write a specification describing in detail things such as flooring, countertops, trim materials, etc.   This helps ensure that the job is being bid consistent with how the owners want it constructed and minimizes the potential for cost over-runs during construction.

With an established budget, proper land acquisition, design drawings and specifications you are in a position to obtain a bid for your new home construction.

Start by talking to references provided and look at projects completed.  Once satisfied the builder’s quality and timeliness meets your expectations then select the individual with whom you feel is best at communicating with you.    We perceive the Builder/Owner relationship as a team.  Only with a collaborative, organized effort between the Builder and Owner will the project be completed as desired.

This is a very common and difficult question to answer as design and finishes impact costs dramatically.  I usually recommend the client provide preliminary drawings and/or ideas so potential costs may be provided.  With today’s varied construction techniques and finishes the homes we build vary from $130.00 per square foot to in excess of $200.00 per square foot.

Most of the homes we construct take from 7-11 months from the time the first tree is dropped to the time the home is ready to occupy.  This too is dependent on the size and finishes.

Upon signing a construction contact we would request funds sufficient to get all of the permits.  Once permits are obtained and construction begins, Troy Martin Building and Design would invoice the owner (or the owner’s lending institution) on the 25th of each month for any work completed to date.

During the construction of the home, you will be asked to visit various suppliers in the area to make selections for cabinetry, countertops, flooring, stone, plumbing fixtures, etc. that will be used in the construction of your home.  Utilizing the same “team” of suppliers helps us ensure a smooth, successful process.